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First Class Nutrition Oat Mix 100% purified formula 4kg

Oat Mix  100% purified formula 4kg
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Add 1 scoop (=50g) to your shake or alternative.



Oat mix 4kg       Food with benefits!


Oat mix consists of 100% pure purified oatmeal.


First Class Nutrition Oat Mix is not the same product as the traditional oatmeal that you can find in a supermarket.

This formula is packaged pure after an additional purification treatment so you can find the highest biological value of your plate.


Oat Mix First Class Nutrition is the ideal addition for breakfast, and you can easily mix it with easily soluble protein shakes such as whey sensation.


Each scoop (50g) contains 34 grams of high quality complex carbohydrates and 7 g protein which contributes to the growth of your muscles.


Oat mix itself is also easily mixable so you can easily add to your morning protein shake or take it to work or gym.




Ingredients: Whole oat flour "contains gluten".

nutrition information

Nutritional value per 100g
Energetic values
Energy389 Kcal
Energy1643 kJ
Nutritional values
Fats7,20 g
Protein / Protein14 g
carbohydrates68 g
    Dietary fiber7,50 g
iron0,00 mg
phosphorus0,41 mg


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Ann | 02 February 2019 09:04

- Handig en lekker

zeer handig deze grote verpakking! Ik gebruik hem in mijn shake en vooral om proteïne pannenkoeken en proteïne cake te maken

Ann | 13 October 2018 09:47

- Uitstekend product!

Handig in deze grote verpakking! Zeer goede samenstelling van deze fijne gemixte havermout. Ik gebruik hem voor van alles, maar vooral om lekkere EIWIT pannekoeken, cakes, muffins en taarten te bakken :-)
Deze oatmix is hier ideaal voor!